Halloween Spots: Using Children to Differentiate Your Brand // By: Maya Kosover


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The month of October brings out some of the most creative work from marketing and advertising gurus around the country, each eager to break through the clutter and take their places on top lists for Halloween spots of the year.

For me, the brands that used children in their commercials were the ones that stuck out most. There seems to be some controversy, though, surrounding advertising to children and, in turn, using children in  advertising. With a holiday like Halloween, is there more flexibility, or should marketers be held more accountable? Is there wiggle room for ethical lines or are they blurred because it’s all in good fun?
After all, since Halloween is all about children – why not use them tell the story?

The two spots below use children in very different ways. The first is cruel, yet incredibly  entertaining assuming that you get a kick out of ruining holidays for cutely  decorated tots. The second spot is safe, but relies on its previous quirky success  and chooses to go with its “kids-say-the-darndest-things” strategy once again.

Crest and Oral-B: Halloween Treats Gone Wrong

AT&T TV: Its Not Complicated Cowboy

I’m curious to know your thoughts. Does the first one go too far? Is the second one too predictable? Which do you think has more impact?



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