[Insert Brand Name] Won the Super Bowl. How Can Brands Use Twitter for Feedback and Engagement?


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This year’s Super Bowl showed how important Twitter is to brands. Over 50% of the Super Bowl XLVII TV ads used Twitter, and only 8% used Facebook. What does that mean? It says a lot about how much brands value Twitter, and that Twitter a tool to gain feedback and create engagement.

How Popular is Twitter? 

Looking at its number of active monthly users, Twitter is quite popular. In fact, it’s been increasing popular.

  • Twitter now has 200 million monthly active users, and which means Twitter has grown 100% in 15 months (with 100 million active users in September 2011)1.

How Do Brand Use Twitter for Feedback?

1.  Hashtags allow brands to monitor opinions and evaluate their advertising efforts.

  • During Super Bowl XLVII, hashtags allowed brands to monitor the opinions of consumers in regards to their ads.

2.  Twitter can allow brands to analyze their emotional connection with consumers

  • Brands can measure the shared sentiment between consumers through the tweets tied to a particular hashtag. Brian Solis, a well-known Social Media expert and blogger, points out that companies like Radian6 offer natural language processing tools that automate analysis for marketers2.

3.  Brands can reach a mass audience with hashtags that become trending.

  • Extremely popular hashtags can potentially become trending on Twitter, providing brands with more reach and earned media.

4.  Twitter mentions can allow brands to get feedback to assist a (prospective) customer to buy a product or service.

  • Online retailer Zappos uses Twitter to provide excellent customer service for consumers who have questions about its products they’re looking to buy or purchases they’ve already made.


How does Twitter Create Engagement for Brands?

1.  Brands can invite consumers to participate in events and contests.

  • In Super Bowl XLVII, Budweiser ran a :60 TV spot, ‘Brotherhood,’ which used the hashtag #Clydesdales in inviting consumers to connect with the brand and participate in an event: naming the newborn Clydesdale, which was ultimately named ‘Hope.’

2.  Retweets-to-tweets ratio allows brands to understand what content they shared provided a high level of engagement.

3.  Twitter can allow brands to connect with consumers during events in real-time

  • Oreo tweeted an ad during the power outage at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome: “Power Out? No Problem. You can still dunk in the dark.”

What Brands Won the Super Bowl?

Taco Bell “Viva Young” spot saw the single biggest spike in mentions of a brand with 32,262 related posts per minute3. Advertising agency Deutsch created Taco Bell’s :60 TV spot, where old people acted like young people.

Although Taco Bell saw the biggest spike, Doritos could have arguably won the Super Bowl overall, because it was the most mentioned brand in the social media sphere.

Doritos’ seven-year-old “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign seemed to still have its charm in 2013. Doritos selected five ads from roughly 3,000 submissions, many of which come from aspiring filmmakers. The finalists included two dogs, a toddler, a goat, a blind man and a father dressed as a princess.

What’s the Lesson to be Learned?

In conclusion, brands can utilize Twitter to gain feedback and create engagement. Successful brands during the 2013 Super Bowl were Oreo, Budweiser, Taco Bell. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, but the important thing to take away is that there is more than reason for brands to use Twitter. Through the use of hashtags, brands can monitor the opinions and feelings of consumers, and engage them creating a dialogue between consumers and brands.


What’s the Next Big Event?

In terms of ad dollars and TV viewership in the U.S., second to the Super Bowl are the Oscars. The 85th Oscar Academy Awards airs on ABC this weekend, at 5:30pm PST on Sunday, February 24th.

How will brands use Twitter during the Oscars? Good question.



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