The Sensis Take – 7/20 Edition


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The Not-So-Hidden Politics of Class Online – From the Personal Democracy Forum Conference

Description: A talk at the Personal Democracy Forum conference on research into the social patterns of teenagers on online networks.  Dr. Danah Boyd is a Social Media Researcher at Microsoft Research New England and a Fellow at Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

The Sensis Take: Not all social networks are created equal.  Facebook’s Ivy League origins and Myspace’s urban hipster roots are still evident in the socio-economic skewing of users.  Be aware of the social divide between users when using social networks in your social media campaign

As we think about creating public spaces, what’s the meeting point for our conversations? Is it MySpace or Facebook? Twitter or IRC? What you choose matters. Where you and your colleagues hang out matters”

An Anthropological Introduction to Youtube

Description: A talk by Dr. Mike Wesch at the Library of Congress last Year.  Dr. Wesch is the leader of Kansas State’s YouTube Ethnography project.

The Sensis Take: What you do is much more important than how you do it. Hidden by the myriad of social media tools is the fact that there are only four functions to social media:

  • User generated content
  • User generated distribution
  • User generated filtering
  • User generated organization

Will My Video Get 1 Million Views on YouTube?

The Sensis Take: The small chance of a video going viral in a big way is more reinforcement that high quality creative is a necessary component in successful social media campaigns.

Online Ad Spending Rises At Double-Digit Rates, Gains Share Vs. All Other Media

The Sensis Take: As uncertainty increases in a chaotic economy, the granular analysis available to digital advertising makes its value to advertisers unassailable.

19 Presence Management Chores You Could Do Every Day

The Sensis Take: Sometimes, all it takes is a few minutes to participate in the daily conversation to keep your brand personal.

The Feed: What the Government is Twittering Now

Description: just launched a new tool that aggregates Twitter feeds from dozens of federal agencies. See what’s going on across the entire government on one page.

The Sensis Take: Enabling user generated distribution via twitter is just a start to facilitating the democratic process.  The public wants to participate, make sure your agency knows how to crowdsource democracy.

~Blair Goldberg, Associate Digital Strategist


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